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So Far As it DepenDs On You, Be At Peace With EVERYONE.

Romans 12:18


You never thought you’d be here.

The words “family law” were never meant to go together, and you never intended the most personal, emotional, important part of your life—your family—to be at the mercy of the legal system.

And yet here you are.

The complexities of the legal system are daunting, and you can’t afford not to take them seriously. Your children, your financial security, and a large part of your future depend on it. You need someone who understands you and understands the legal system. But you also need someone who can bring some peace to the brokenness of your situation.  

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We promote peace. 

The Bible is rife with wisdom about peaceful resolution of conflict, yet far too many Christians end up handing their disputes over to the secular courts.  Our goal is to help Christians walk through conflict in a way that glorifies God, honors one another, and promotes peace for their futures, both individually and together in their roles.  

Christian mediation addresses the underlying heart issues, works toward resolution of the practical and legal issues, and gives the participants ownership over the outcome.   Through mediation, we strive to help our clients not only to avoid a costly and emotionally damaging legal proceedings, but also to break the cycle of conflict.

We know the law.

Our peacemakers are successful family lawyers. We understand the complexities of the legal system and the nuances of family law. Without giving legal advice, our mediators walk you through the legal process to ensure you have fully and adequately addressed everything. We can draft your agreements to ensure you don't miss anything. We do it right the first time so you don't have come back. 

Life can be messy.  

Relationships are hard.  

Conflict is often inevitable.  

But resolution is within reach if we trust God's Word and pursue peace according to His wisdom.